It’s simple really. After four sessions of about eight hours in total, I am on my way. Along with Brahma’s gentle and patient guidance and my determination to learn how to calm the noise and stress of everyday life, I had the tools I needed to help me do that. With practice and patience and certainly the commitment to not judge outcomes came more peace, clarity and a feeling of “living in the moment”. Now meditation has become a natural part of my everyday life. Learning Brahma’s technique of meditation has had one of the most positive effects on my life.

Kathie Arseneault  School Teacher (retired). Learned 2011


I met Brahma in 2007, and over the course of the next 5 months he taught me the 20 meditation techniques he teaches to the public. The first 4 techniques were one a week, the next 16 were one every 2 weeks. The techniques are just phrases used in a certain way in conjunction with a certain “keyword” of your own choice, and it is only a mental exercise, and not a hard one. It’s a bit like fishing; you throw the line out, relax and wait. What comes out is not important; the emphasis is on doing it, catching something is just a bonus. I remembered that when I was a kid going fishing was the journey, it didn’t matter if I came back empty handed.

The benefits of this kind of meditation are numerous, other than sitting in silence hours daily, there are specific benefits for me. Having witnessed several armed conflicts over my military career I often dwelt  on the negative aspects of war (not that there are many positive ones) and wondered what would have happened if I had acted differently on occasions, and this kind of thinking is mental stress caused by traumatic events and it is not healthy. The meditation taught by Brahma simply replaces those unhealthy thoughts by healthy ones, simply, without force, abandoning one way of thinking, and replacing it with good basic elevating thoughts.

The end result for me is an appreciation of who I am, and what I am, accepting myself the way I am right now, accepting the past as something done, and being able to carry on unafraid and free of self imposed barriers, it’s the highway to freedom, the key to unlock one’s potential no matter how old or sick one might be. There are only positive effects to meditation, no time is wasted, you don’t give up time with your kids to meditate, you still work or go out to do groceries, you still sleep as much as you want, maybe a bit less due to the relaxing effect, in fact you may watch less TV, play less video games or even drink less.

I wrote this testimonial in order to let people know that this type of meditation is easy and it is for everyone, as a matter of fact I feel it should be taught to military personnel early in their career, it would help them cope with stress early and avoid severe problems later in life.

Alain Clement CD, Captain (retired). Learned 2007