In the presence of my spiritual teacher , I experienced pure unconditional love, an experience that changed my life forever. The greatest lesson I learned from him had to do with the nature of choice and not only that choice is possible; but also how important it is to make a choice in every moment. We live in a ‘THOUGHT CREATED’ universe and can choose, in every moment, to focus thoughts on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion or choose to focus on something else.

I have been doing this type of meditation since 1996. At that time I did a 7 month training course and was qualified as a teacher in 1997. The first 6 months were spent meditating 12 to 14 hours a day, learning other techniques taught only to teachers, and attending evening meetings. The last month was spent memorizing the information we would be giving out while teaching.With other teachers I helped in the training of future teachers and also taught week-end courses to the public on occasion.

The journey is about self awareness and experiencing life as it was meant to be lived. The techniques are a tool to help you discover more about yourself, and the world around you.


A few answers about this type of meditation:

Since some people may have preconceived ideas of what (meditation) may look like or what they will have to do after they learn, I would like to mention a few things. When you are taught the techniques you will either be sitting in a chair or ideally, lying down on a mat with your pillow and blanket. Comfort is everything. No sitting on the floor with your legs crossed (unless that is what you want), no chanting (om) out loud, no religious dogma (rules and regulations of conduct), no having to follow special diets. All you will have to do after you learn is just to keep doing the meditation, the more of it you do, the greater the benefits derived. This form of meditation is very user friendly.



The first 4 techniques (a Sphere) can be used with your eyes opened or closed and they deal with root stresses that have been accumulated during our lifetime. Each technique takes around 2 hours of instruction, the initial cost for the 1st sphere is $250 GST included. Most teachers of this specific type of meditation are charging $400 for a group week-end course, I am offering one-on-one instruction. If a person decides to learn more techniques (optional), then it is $60 per technique (1hr instruction). All techniques learned after the first 4 are to be used with eyes closed only. The 1st Sphere techniques can be taught one or two at a time, once a week, every few days, etc, we will work out a schedule.

It matters little as to whether or not you do it for stress reduction, relaxation, enlightenment or spiritual growth. The techniques are tools used to learn more about yourself and the nature of reality. Belief is not a requirement, just practice the meditation as instructed and experience first hand. Meditation is a tool for bettering your life, trust that your investment of time and energy will bring rewards far beyond your ability to imagine.

Thank You,

Brahma Ishaya.