If you believe that meditation may be difficult or boring to do, here’s a fresh approach. Learn how natural and easy it can be, by using the tendencies of the mind to transcend its limitations.

All people create, yet few know that they rely on unconscious patterns of thought to do that. Only a small percentage in each generation learns to live consciously, by-passing the limitations of habits, beliefs and judgments to live in love and joy.

The relatively small number is not because such a life is reserved for some special ones or because peace and love belong only to some future, perfected state. It is so because few traditions teach that fully expanded awareness is the natural state, the truth of human existence and that it will be found only now and only by looking within.

Some people who do begin other types of meditation do not continue to reach its goal. They stop after a short time because they find it boring and hard to do; however, because the deepest longing of spirit is to unite with the Source (whatever name may be given to It), the search continues. Some people have tried two, three…half a dozen varieties of practice without satisfaction, because most disciplines fight the natural tendencies of the mind.

Thoughts are a part of life, yet it is always possible to choose which thoughts to follow, which ones to entertain. Habitual thoughts create life experience, so when they change from negative and limited to align with the natural law of Life, daily life will naturally become more peaceful.

This does not mean there are no challenges in life. But if one learns to perceive every challenge as a gift instead of a problem, then whatever comes is used as a vehicle for expansion.


About the meditation techniques:

The techniques that I teach are very simple and very powerful; simplicity is important so that everyone and anyone is able to use them (the youngest person I taught was six). Power comes from the individual and by learning what happens when one chooses to focus their thoughts. By such an action they observe how the world changes around them. You need not be focused on thoughts of changing anything; simply choosing the meditation technique will change the world around you. What you focus on will grow, it is that simple. Seeing the glass of water as half full or half empty is a choice. The good thing is that you need not try to see the glass as half full and you need not tell yourself “I must see it as half full”. If you practice the techniques, full will happen by design. Seeing the glass half full will come naturally with time and eventually you will see it filling up until it is overflowing in abundance.

The techniques provide a personal experience of the nature of reality and you will discover for yourself just how life can unfold. It is not just knowledge in words, concepts, ideas or belief systems and it is not about following some other person’s belief in how you should lead your life. It is about the Experiences gained by following the meditation techniques and continuing to use them because you see for yourself how the world changes around you the more you practice them. Follow your own unique experience of the world and see where it takes you. The more you practice the techniques, the more you discover about the nature of reality; that you and the world around you are one and that you have the power within yourself to change your experience of the world on the outside by the sole action of choice on the inside.

This course provides instructions on how to use the tendencies of the mind in order to transcend its limitations. By working with natural law and by not fighting with thoughts, the mind is freed to follow its bliss and know its natural state. This is an experiential teaching, as you experience your day to day life changing, your incentive to continue will grow with it.

The techniques are basically simple phrases which have one part that is unique to each individual taught. You introduce the phrase in a certain way in your mind and let it go, when you notice that you are no longer thinking that phrase, and are thinking other thoughts, you gently introduce the phrase again. Sound simple? It is. By going back and forth between the technique and noticing that you are having other thoughts, you become much more consciously aware of what you are thinking. As you do the technique, the space between when you introduce the phrase and when you notice you are thinking something else increases. This space or (stillness) in between thoughts is where much of the healing of mind and body takes place. It is not uncommon for someone to close their eyes to meditate for 10 or 15 minutes and when they open them again almost an hour has gone by.

The fact that the 1st Sphere (first 4 techniques) can be used with eyes open or closed means that at any time during the day you can redirect the focus of your thoughts.


Meditation Techniques:

There are 20 techniques in all and they work in blocks of 4 called a (Sphere). The First Sphere deals with root stresses and  can be used with your eyes open or closed. Each technique of the 1st Sphere requires about 2 hours of instruction more or less depending on the individual being taught. Children are easy to teach, ( this is the technique, this is how to use it, now let us do it ), not many questions to answer. Explaining how and why the techniques work is where most of the time is spent with adults. With children, they have either noticed that mom or dad are a bit different to be around since they learned to meditate, or they just want to be part of the experience of what mom or dad are doing. The great thing about the children is that they usually will notice the change in the parents much sooner than the parents themselves will, they live so much more in the moment compared to most adults.

1st Sphere:      1 Praise      2 Gratitude      3 Love      4 Compassion

You may choose to learn the next 16 techniques (optional), 1 hour of instruction each. They help expand your awareness of different levels of reality and are used with your eyes closed only. The choice will be yours, to pursue a goal of greater conscious awareness of the universe around you, what some call (Enlightenment).

The other optional 16 are:

5. Solar  9.  Beauty 13. Mastery 17. Glory
6. Lunar 10. Light 14. Power 18. Bliss
7. Earth 11. Strength 15. Center 19. Life
8. Peace 12. Silence 16. Invincibility 20. Wisdom